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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Preparing for Graduation; A bit of 'Screen Printing'...

I spent a productive day in the workshop on Wednesday, having decided upon the creation of a small keepsake for each of my friends that I have made during my journey towards my degree and understanding of contemporary art and illustration.

Some time ago I created a photoshop drawing of my final piece in order to enlarge it to become a pattern for my intended work. As a result of this, I was able to create a clear acetate copy of the drawing which I was then able to use as a positive image that could be exposed to a photosensitive/ultraviolet sensitive ink which had been deposited on a very fine screen mesh.

The mesh is then used as a negative, and the thick slow setting ink can literally be forced through the washed image that now becomes positive, onto any material, fabric, or substrate that one chooses. This is done with the aid of a squeegee tool that forces the ink through the mesh and onto the material
  The screen needs to be washed to ensure that the negative image on the mesh will allow sufficient ink which is a very thick consistency, to be pushed through by the squeegee. Once done, the screen can be used continuously for quite some time before a re-wash is necessary.

I was able to create in the order of 20 prints onto a very fine muslin material. I'm delighted with the result and I will go on to make at least another 10 prints of my gnome design in order to help my chums celebrate graduation and they're going home.
 There is a little cryptic message, in the top left-hand corner of the image I wrote the words "The Gnome Preservation Trust"… This message, hopefully, will give my chums a way of remembering a few things that I think we all learned during our three years together.

  • Firstly, 'The Gnome' is a little aid memoir never to look at something and just simply dismiss it. You can look as deeply as you want to into any fragment to find meaning and reflection; whether it may be a facile object such as a garden gnome, or a deeply spiritual symbol, everything should be looked at VERY carefully!
  • Secondly, the word "Preservation" is really a message about preserving your values, never to be persuaded into doing something that you don't want to do, yet at the same time keeping an eye on self-preservation and ensuring that you get something out of everything that you do in future.
  • And Thirdly "Trust". Trust your instincts, and trust your friends and people, if you believe that they trust you.  Never betray that trust, as you would never expect them to betray you.
Going Gnome!..

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