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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Exhibition Opening Night!

And here we are! We've made it!

57 students in total, have completed either a degree in contemporary art, or illustration, or both. Amazingly I fit into the latter category!

The opening-night of the graduate exhibition was truly amazing, with many hundreds, yes hundreds of people, a rough estimation, which includes those who visited the graphic arts and animation, together with photography exhibitions this evening (Friday, June 10, 2016) is likely to be in the thousands.

The exhibition is no less than spectacular. I was lucky enough to have my trusty Canon camera with me and a few shots of some of the work together with a short explanation are shown below;

In Joseph Bradley's work, he explored a series of illustrations that captured the true atmosphere of a story that he had created himself. All of this had been hand drawn and in some cases complemented with digital artwork.

In Laura Broome's work, she created a body of work which in essence was a documentation of narrative which connects the artist (Laura) with the earth on a very personal level.

In Joe Daniel's body of work as an illustrator, he explored the relationship between style and identity and the theme of absolution through the creation of a western style (cowboy) themed comic book.

Alice Rainford created a stunning body of work which included a sculpture of grabbing arms together with a series of paintings that symbolises the grip of depression, and that grip and effect that it has on its victims.

Jen Reid provided an installation which was particularly innovative as an illustrator, in which she aimed to raise the awareness of dyslexia is a learning disability.

The beautiful and intricate painting by Orestis Sakkas was wonderfully staged in a chamber that had been totally blacked out, with his work suspended beyond the reach of the viewer across a floor earth and leaves. Accompanying this incredible vantage point was an audio track of a musical piece that the artist himself had created in collaboration with a friend. This work was truly inspiring and in his own words one – 12.V11 is an atmospheric abstract painting that engages the viewer with themes of "ecological death" and the destruction of the natural landscape.

In Lizzie Taylor-Hall's body of work, and engaging series inspired the artist to explore and address societal injustices through the means of painting.

In Charlotte Phillips work, she shows how combining art and lifestyle products can facilitate self-expression.

And finally in my own works which were my attempt of a deep enquiry into anamnesis; (building something new by recalling elements of the old and abandoned) and the enquiry into loss grief and the quotidian mixed together with the fragmentation of fading memories and contemporary philosophy of speculative realism.

These are just a very short selection of some truly excellent works and I would commend anybody with an interest in exploring current culture to visit the exhibition which runs from 10 June through until 24 June 2016 at the University of Huddersfield.

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