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Friday, 28 August 2015

Update on the Mission Art Group

You may recall that I've been volunteering each Thursday afternoon as the resident artist at a nearby Christian Methodist Mission, about 12 miles away from where I live.  Earlier this year, I devised a 16 week programme of drawing lessons for the group, which have now, for the sake of just one not performed yet, are completed.

----------------------------  The Mission Art Group Programme ---------------------

Four Month lesson plan  
for the Mission Art GroupHuddersfield. 

The following basic art classes are proposed for the group, commencing at 2:00pm, each Thursday. Every-one is welcome, no previous skills necessary. Each of the sessions, of two hours overall, will be led with a half hour introduction from a tutor in each of the proposed areas.   The classes are aimed as a gentle introduction to drawing and painting, which may hopefully encourage you to take up the activity as a great hobby to enjoy.  
Week 1             16/04/2015       Trees and shrubs 
Week 2             23/04/2015       Water. Sea, lakes and rivers
Week 3             30/04/2015       Mountains and hills
-- Practice--      7/05/2015         Catch up week/ Stilllife #1 - guided practice
Week 4             14/05/2015       Animals. Farm animals, cows, horses, sheep
Week 5             21/05/2015       Animals. Pets - Dogs, cats
Week 6             28/05/2015       People. Basic Figure drawing
Week 7             4/06/2015         Architecture, - Houses, buildings, factories.
Week 8            11/06/2015        Bringing it all together… Landscapes.
-- Practice--     18/06/2015        Catch up week / Still life #2 - guided practice
Week 9            25/06/2015        Sea life, fish, crabs, seashells
Week 10           2/07/2015          Magical caricatures. Wizards, Fairies, Goblins and witches
Week 11           9/07/2015         Glass painting
Week 12         16/07/2015         Brass/ Texturerubbings
-- Practice--    23/07/2015         Catch up week / Still life #3 - guided practice
Additional Suggestions?   30/07/2015   Portraiture and faces.

Nobody will be judging or marking what you do, - Everything is encouraged. - In fact we encourage members of the group to be as creative as you want to be, and it is up to you if you wish to follow the tutors brief or work on your own pieces at each gathering. Nothing is good or bad, it is all art and everything you create is yours to keep if you wish.

The group has moved forward really well during the last 6-8 months of my involvement, and they are generally more comfortable in "doing their own thing".  So much so in fact, that for the past few weeks they've been creating a huge "wall-paper" montage, based on their own images, abstracts and Native American style geometric patterns.  - Here are some Photos of the work in progress...

Unfortunately, it's now time for me to finish at the Mission, in order for me to concentrate on completing my third  year at university.  I've enjoyed my time here, - it's had its challenges and its joys.  But overall, I feel a great deal of satisfaction in helping some individuals get a little bit of confidence for themselves, and in helping them do something creative that they can point to and call their own work.

The results for some have been really good.  Those students who stuck at it have all developed a great deal.  I'm proud of them in many ways as it has taken courage and regular commitment to be part of this group, and I sincerely thank them for letting me be part of it through the six months or so.