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General books, articles, web pages and works cited, referenced or read during the production of this blog are as follows;

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Whilst every care has been made in providing the correct references and use of citations (in accordance with the American Psychology Association (APA 6th Edition) guidelines), within the production of this blog (you will find that each page should have a 'References' section at the end where specific citations are included in the text). 
The following list is provided as a general guide to most of the sources of information, (errors and omissions excepted). This list, therefore, is not necessarily exhaustive:

Should you find any errors within this blog, please notify me, by indicating in the comments field at the bottom of the appropriate blog posting and I would be happy to correct them accordingly.


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Further useful sources of Artworks, Images and Information can be found at;

Adobe Corporation;                       http://create.adobe.com/
AxisWeb;                                        https://www.axisweb.org/
The Association of Illustrators;     http://www.theaoi.com/
Turps Banana;                                http://www.turpsbanana.com/
This is Tomorrow;                         http://thisistomorrow.info/
Tate, / Tate shots;                           http://www.tate.org.uk/
University of Huddersfield;           http://www.hud.ac.uk/about/

Together with Google, and other general search engines.

Wikipedia;                                     https://en.wikipedia.org
e.g.,   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marshall_McLuhan

.... and many others!

 As a mature student, I have acquired a modest library of books, periodicals and literature which also form the backbone of my research tools,  These have not been cited above unless they of specific importance.

Further areas of references, with regular updates on;

Prof. Graham Harman at https://doctorzamalek2.wordpress.com/

and Prof. Levi Bryant, at  https://larvalsubjects.wordpress.com/

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