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R&D SWOT Analysis

Research & Development - THD1379 -1516

“Things Left Behind”

Artist’s SWOT Analysis, October 2015


An initial Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis based on topics and themes initiated in the project mind-map.

Project Goals

1.        The works must address the need to capture the attention of viewers to induce a reflective, positive affect that engages as a contemplative and meditative aesthetic.  
2.        A sub-message is intended to raise awareness of our inability to “let go of things” - causing daily self-induced stress, which can lead to negative well-being, anxiety, mental ill-health and eventually clinical depression if not resolved. 
3.        The theme of "things left behind" is intended to remind ourselves of the need to remember, to avoid unresolved grief, (which is unhelpful to recovery) - yet a necessary part of the liminal state of the final stage of coping with grief, during the transition necessary to give ourselves permission to ‘let go', and hence move on positively. 

SWOT Analysis


      Both Fine Art and commercially Illustrative
      Contemporary, current societal focus
      Broad public view-ability
      not contentious (?)
      sympathetic and empathic to societal issues
      Likely to be supported as interesting works from large demography
      Inexpensive resources / materials
      Wide choices of subject / object items


      Sceptical reception by some contemporary Art critics of “art with purpose”
      Arguably not completely original?
      May not have an impact for some
      May not fit with contemporary artistic tendencies for negative affect - i.e. to shock or disgust
      May be considered as a “safe” subject / lacks risk?


      Fits in with current societal focus / media attention
      Objects can be re-framed / contextualised via chosen artistic media / materials
      Broadens public awareness of coping strategies for change / transition / grief management
      Has high appeal for corporate and national health service objectives in reducing stress in the workplace and in society in general
      Brings personal opportunities for media attention, publicity and a route to establish my own identity as an artist
      Brings to bear on other wider mental health illnesses such as dementia & Alzheimer's


      Subject may not get attention that an aspiring artist seeks within the art world
      May be usurped by other more radical attention seeking pieces
      If too subtle, the message and underlying narratives may not be fully realised
      ‘why not use’ Photography / video arguments
      Wide span of subject / object choices - too much?
      May trigger negative emotional reactions for some who have experienced recent loss / grief
      May be deemed to illustrative (but I am doing both CA and Illustration!)…

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