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Friday, 26 September 2014

The start of a new Academic semester, - Year 2 of my Journey to Understanding Contemporary Fine Art & Illustration

24th September 2014 was the start and registration day of my 2nd year of study towards a BA Honours Degree.

I feel ready and comfortable starting the new academic year, having taken time over the summer recess to do my own self study and training, - including the very beneficial Life Drawing sessions that we did in the Sheffield Millennium Gallery.

So, this is a short blog, not much to report, the only study I was able to do this week was a vase of roses...

.... and some self portrait experiments, based upon blind drawing an outline, then filling the blind drawing in with shading and shadowing...  I want to explore this a little more next week when I start the attendance at University on a daily basis.   The first stop will be the library!