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R&D Bucket List

Research & Development - THD1379 -1516

“Things Left Behind”

Artist’s Bucket list / Brainstorm, October 2015


A brainstorming / bucket list based on topics and themes initiated in the project mind-map, that can be traced to an identifiable owner in some way.

Project Goals

1. The works must address the need to capture the attention of viewers to induce a reflective, positive affect that engages as a contemplative and meditative aesthetic.

2. A sub-message is intended to raise awareness of our inability to “let go of things” - causing daily self-induced stress, which can lead to negative well-being, anxiety, mental ill-health and eventually clinical depression if not resolved.

3. The theme of "things left behind" is intended to remind ourselves of the need to remember, to avoid unresolved losses or grief, (which is unhelpful to recovery) - yet a necessary part of the liminal state of the final stage of coping with loss & grief, during the transition necessary to give ourselves permission to ‘let go', and hence to move on positively.Brainstorm / Bucket list of ideas & objects (Having an identifiable ‘owner’).

Outcomes for consideration;

Socks / old sock
Jumper / Cardigan
Old coat
Reading glasses
Glasses case
Old wallet
News Paper
Old Boots / Shoes
Finger &  toe nails
Mobile phone / PDAs
Favourite ornament(s)
Old Suit
Old towel (e.g. Linus!)
Teddy Bear
Garden ornaments
Garden furniture
Credit card(s)
Wedding present e.g. Gnome
Wedding ring / Signet ring
Keys / Car keys
False Teeth
Photos / Album
(Memorabilia / Souvenirs)
Voice recordings
Bank statements / Bills
Medications / prescriptions
Email Addresses / accounts
Half Eaten Apple /
 - Food with teeth marks
Jewellery / Identifiable…
Personalised pens
City / Town / Birthplace
Buildings / House / Hotel / -   & Offices / workplace etc addresses
Fingerprints / footprints
Armchair / Favourite Chair
Favourite flowers
favourite perfume
Opened packet of ‘stuff’
Bags / plastic / suitcases etc
Favourite Books
Personal Letters / Documents
Personal mug / cup
PC / computer
Looking glass
Well nurtured plant
Pets / children / people (?)
Sports equipment / bats / balls
Musical instruments
Identity - inc. passports etc
Identity Passes / Cards
Spade / shovel / Tools
Chewing gum
Cigarette butts
Discoveries / inventions (?)
Writings & drawings

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