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Friday, 3 June 2016

Preparations going well for the Exhibition...

The gallery exhibition at the University is coming along wonderfully now, with all students having virtually completed all of their works, well in advance of the opening night on 10th June.

Yesterday I spent most of my time helping one of two students finish off fixing their work within the gallery space, following some recommendations by the various lecturers, around the re-siting of some of the works. This was necessary in order to provide a better flow of context through the studio galleries, which was done by making suitable juxtapositions of artworks from the various disciplines of contemporary art, illustration, or both. Some of the suggestions included, in addition to the re-siting of some works, placing multiple artworks vertically in a line to create a totem effect, rather than the traditional horizontal triptych of three (or four) paintings in a row. This columnar style presentation provides a little more impact than that of the former.

In another display, it was decided to take a multiplicity of painted images beyond the confines of the natural frame; that is, the wooden boarding of the studio walls, and sweep some of the images actually onto the ceiling, and diagonally opposite; sweeping some of the images onto the floor of the gallery itself.


  • The diagonal arrangement described above is highly contemporary, providing both a magnified  presence and disturbs the integrity of the art piece from the norm. 
  • This breaks the traditional image of the frame to image relationship and I think is a highly creative and useful device to grab interest, attention and a sense of aura beyond the images as just artworks on their own.
  • I think this was a particularly good example of a demonstration of the practical skills in gallery curators and was a valuable lesson not only to myself, but I suspect many of my peers.

The next big job will be to paint the floors of the studio spaces to make them much more presentable as true gallery spaces.  I'm sure that with sufficient support from the core team of students the work will be completed according to schedule.

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