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Monday, 19 September 2016

New Blog ! Following my Masters Degree in Digital Media

So that's it then!

I've had a wonderful time reflecting on the things that I have learned during the pursuit of understanding in contemporary art and illustration.

My undergraduate degree is complete!… Amazingly, I somehow achieved a "First" with honours.

The journey has been so fulfilling that I've spent the last few months preparing for my next mode of learning, which in some ways brings me a little bit into a circle with the foundation of my computing and mechanical and electrical engineering background that I have been engaged with for the 30+ years prior to starting my art to degree.

My new master's degree as a post-graduate will be in Digital Media.  This is research and practice based as a taught subject in all things digital media, including computer-based digital visualisation, -drawing, painting, 3D rendering, 3D sculpture created by digital techniques, motion graphics, video and film development.

So... It covers a lot!

I have therefore set up a new blog space as a tool to help me articulate my reflections and give you, my loyal readers, somewhere to go to if you want to read the progress that I'm making. Be sure to sign up for automatic emails at that new blog in order to continue receiving the narrative of my journey.


If you don't want to pursue a regular connection with me in my new studies, then you do not have to do anything. I will not be posting anything further to this specific blog that you are reading now, as all new reflections and learning outcomes will appear in the new blog at:


You've been a great audience, thanks for all your well wishes and applauds.

Good night and have a safe journey home!

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