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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Theory - Essay development - Library notes.

Essay Development Notes;

I need to Explore further, the works of Deleuze / Guattari and Brian Massumi  and anthropologist, Michael Taussig (Australian Philosopher, making waves!)

Having reflected on the essay so far,  I found some new sources for review;

(Darwin, (1873) retrieved 2015)
(Ribot, 2012)
(Shouse, 2015)
(Pornpattananangkul & Chiao, Retrieved from Sagepub.com 2015)
(Nietzsche – Humun, All too Human)

Thinking about (Baruch Spinoza, - Look at subsequent interpretations of the 1900s to juxtapose with Nietzsche’s oppositional stance perhaps?)…  – How can this be argued in my essay?


The roots of Affect Theory as recognised or defined in Contemporary Art may be linked to the emergence of expressionism, particularly in the Modernist German Expressionist movement which can be traced in the works of Edvard Munch.  It could be argued that his work, “The Scream”, 1839, was the inspiration for the later 20th century Expressionist Movement within German Contemporary Art of the 1940s onwards.  The horrors of WWII, whilst graphic, had it's beginnings in WW1 anyway.  Who were the artists around in Germany then?

Also, take a peek at Egon Schiele?? German expressionism.

Consider the subjective aesthetic, in relation to Affect.  How can I  demonstrate and evidence my proposition and argue against other concepts or ideas… (?).

I need to find a specific painting by the various New European Painters and individually analyse them…

I looked at some of the drawings by Henry Moore, - [It seems that some of the underground scenes he drew in 1942 on the London underground have a strong resemblance to some of the arched gas chamber style paintings of Kiefer].  I noticed this in the book ~"Drawing Projects", an exploration  of the language of Drawing, by Mick Maslen, Jack Southern. Black Dog Publishing, London. (2013)  *** (Next edition due to be released in 2016)....

Egon Schiele pops up again? - Expressionism and emotional resonance / Affect?,
- [Also a further research required on Michael Taussig],

Taken a look at some of the works of Joseph Bouys – A key influence in the works of Anselm Kiefer for instance…?
What I need to do here is link some of the ideas that Joseph Bouys had, around the Western world appearing to loose some of its ability to feel emotion with the present (which I can demonstrate through the regular imagistic bombardment of our senses through the media and other forms of advertising and general exposure, to the “normalising” of catastrophic events, trauma, violence and sadness, shock, death and grief etc), with my own  explanation of what emotion actually is, and how it relates to affect in an artistic language…   
Baselitz, Richter, Gursky
Affect Theory in a wider selection of Contemporary Western Figurative Art

Luc Tuymens (?) - to be added with critical evaluation of the artist’s work, and challenges to test the assertions of affect theory, 
Re-visit to Bela Tarr (Hungarian, Turin Horse example – Nietzsche, a film first shown at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival in 2011),
Together with possibly William Kentridge (although he is of South African origin, his example may provide some contrast to these German / European artists [mentioned above??] 

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