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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Research and Development / Major Project, - The broken Gnome...

Further reading of affect, trauma, and contemporary art led me to start to read the book "empathic vision" by Jill Bennett (2005) Standford University press, California.

Within this book I have found a number of very strong reference points in which the subject of trauma in imagistic representation through art, and how such art can create an affect through such signifying images.
One of the quotes she makes which was written in 1911 by Eduard Claparede, the Swiss psychologist, in his questions regarding "la Question de la memoire affective",
"it is impossible to feel emotion as past… One cannot be a spectator of one's own feelings; one feels them, or one does not feel them; one cannot imagine them without stripping them of their affective essence."  1911 by Eduard Claparede.
Whilst the state of and emotion can be remembered the actual feeling within one's body as a result of an image or an object creating an affect, cannot be brought back through a conscious desire to remember on its own.

In trying to apply these notions to my two-dimensional works that in fact are really three-dimensional, in a way I am also tipping my hat to the 1950s 60s and 70s art commentator Clement Greenberg, and his statements regarding two-dimensional nullity of all painting.

My fragments of gnomes have therefore been placed onto canvas in the form of prototype and within these images I will try and create something akin to both fragmentation breakage, memory, loss etc etc and try and test what affect these might have in a future art critique.


  • There is still much to do and whilst these initial prototypes are quite aesthetically pleasing, I'm not sure if they are really having a realistic affect on a viewer.
  • Perhaps I will also try to test these new canvases on a different set of audiences?
  • I need to work towards a new aesthetic using the concept of the gnome throughout the rest of this week. 
  • I need to explore as many ways of representation that I can in order to get my idea sufficiently communicated through a state of affect.

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